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A definição da palavra "mall":
rate 1. shopping center, variety of stores and businesses housed within a series of connected buildings or within a single building; pedestrian walkway, promenade; pall-mall (game played with mallets and wooden balls)
rate 2. shopping mall (n) a large usually enclosed shopping area where cars are not allowed There are plans to build a new mall in the middle of town.
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Notícias de hoje que contenham a palavra "mall":
Elliot Lake mall roof collapse inquiry starts Monday (3/2/2013)
Monday will see the start of the public inquiry into the deadly Elliot Lake mall collapse which claimed the lives of two women and injured dozens of others.
D-Valley Mall a shopping haven once completed (3/3/2013)
KUCHING : D-Valley Mall, Apartment and Hotels, which is strategically located at Jalan Tun Razak here, will become a true shopping haven upon its completion in 2016.
UM, county clash with mall owner over pedestrian bridge above U.S. 1 (3/2/2013)
A mall owner doesn’t agree with a proposal to build a pedestrian bridge over U.S. 1 to retail hot spots, saying it may harm his business.
Mall, now 25, became Topeka's retail 'center of gravity' (3/2/2013)
Topeka's retail climate and the landscape along S.W. Wanamaker Road saw dramatic and permanent change after West Ridge Mall opened 25 years ago this Saturday.
Longmont city officials: Mall owner and Dillard's still talking (3/2/2013)
LONGMONT -- Longmont city officials say that the owners of Twin Peaks Mall and Dillard's are still talking, so they won't insist on the March 1 deadline for an agreement being met.
Mall-goers 'Experience America' (3/3/2013)
From answering trivia to eating ice cream, 'Experience America' proved to be a promising experience to Mangaloreans. US Consulate General (Chennai) decided to give the port city, a peek into the American life. As a result, variety of fun activities unfolded at City Centre Mall on Saturday. The programme kicked off with American Embassy (New Delhi) Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs Judy ...
Tour gives Middletown officials ideas about mall’s future (3/3/2013)
Middletown City Council members got an idea of Towne Mall’s future Saturday when they and City Manager Judy Gilleland toured the Northgate Mall, which was redeveloped by the same company the city has hired to give Towne Mall a makeover.
West Ridge Mall turns 25 Saturday (3/2/2013)
On a Wednesday morning in March back in 1988, an estimated 10,000 people gathered for the opening of Topeka's newest shopping center, complete with an appearance by "Wheel of Fortune" letter-turner Vanna White.
RaeLynn’s Boutique Offers $50 Off a Prom Tuxedo Rental in Indianapolis (3/11/2013)
An Indianapolis boutique is giving customers $50 off if their date bought their prom dress at RaeLynn’s.(PRWeb March 07, 2013)
Caravanning Road Accidents: Keep Calm and Caravan On (3/11/2013)
Last year road traffic accidents were the cause for 18% of claims made by caravanners protected by Shield Total Insurance.(PRWeb June 05, 2011)
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